Best coffee shop in Kentucky

1. North Lime Coffee & Donuts

North Lime Coffee & Donuts

North Lime Coffee & Donuts offers a cup of locally roasted coffee with a browse of the work of local Lexington artists. This coffee shop can be your next favorite shop as they provide daily treats and also a weekly special treat for the customers. They feature espresso drinks and cold crews brewed by Louisville-based roasters. The coffee shop also has a variety of donuts.


2. A Cup of Commonwealth

A Cup of Commonwealth

A Cup of Commonwealth is the perfect place if you are looking for a taste of locally roasted beans. This coffee shop actually believes in coffee culture. They make sure to full fill all the requirements of their customers. The A Cup of Commonwealth has a too wide range of drinks available. They have a pay-it-forward option that is offered by customers who want to help strugglers in their daily lives.


3. Chocolate Holler



Chocolate Hollerou will get this coffee shop at 400 Old Vine Street in Lexington. Chocolate Holler was opened in 2017. If you are a chocolate lover then definitely you should visit the coffee shop. They offer unique things like chocolate bars, chocolate coffee drinks, and baked chocolate goods. The Chocolate Holler will satisfy your sweet tooth.


4. Boomwagon Bikes + Cafe

Boomwagon Bikes + Cafe

Boomwagon Bikes + Café is an amazing place to come together and relax throughout the day. They offer the customer great service with drinks, food, and bike gear. Their specialty is traditional espresso and coffee. You will surely like the large patio that features picnic tables. Which will definitely give one peace of the great outdoors.


5. Coffee Times

Coffee Times

Coffee Times provides 100% roasted Arabica coffee with great personality and service. This coffee shop is situated in Lexington and it is part of this place for a while. They also provide beans which you can buy. The Coffee Times has several browse coffee-inspired gifts. This coffee shop also has some fresh sandwiches as well.

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