Best coffee shop in Maryland

1. Ceremony Coffee Roaster

The Ceremony Coffee Roaster is located in Baltimore, Bethesda, and Annapolis. This coffee shop offer includes blends, single-origin beans, decaf, espresso, or instant coffee. The uniqueness and specialty of the coffee shop are that you can create coffee using the combination of beans that you choose. You can even purchase stuff like coffee holders, scales, filters, and merchandise.


2. High Grounds Coffee Roasters

High Grounds Coffee Roasters

High Grounds Coffee Roasters uses fair-trade organic coffee from 17 countries. This coffee shop is a great place to visit where you can get freshly roasted beans. Their selection includes Ethiopian Ardi, Sumatra, Bolivian, Honduras, and Baltimore Artists Blend. High Grounds Coffee Roaster’s portion of its profits goes to build orphanages.


3. Koba Café

Koba Café

Koba Café was opened in September 2005. The owner of this cafe is Adama. It is one of the most popular cafes in, Baltimore. The specialty of this coffee shop is Coffee Freeze, Almond Joy Espresso, and Milky Way Espresso. They offer a selection of traditional coffee. The Koba Café food list includes croissants, avocado toast, bagels, and muffins.


4. Sophomore Coffee

Sophomore Coffee

Sophomore Coffee has a simple luxury shop with a friendly, beautiful, and inclusive space. They brew each coffee we serve to the best of our ability every day. The Sophomore Coffee shop has interesting and exclusive drinks available such as drip coffee, iced coffee, and espresso. They always offer something new to try.


5. OneDo Coffee

OneDo Coffee

OneDo Coffee is located near Patterson Park. It is a popular coffee shop with plenty of cold coffee drinks. This coffee shop has a room available which makes it a great place to visit with friends. OneDo Coffee has several featured fresh-roasted coffee beans such as Ardi Ethiopian, and The One Blend. They serve various blends of coffee and baked goods.

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