Best coffee shop in Kansas

1. City Market Coffee House

City Market Coffee House

The City Market Coffee House is a small yet old-fashioned coffee shop in Kansas City. This shop includes a variety of different coffee blends. The most amazing thing about this coffee is it provides homemade treats to the customers. The City Market Coffee House sitting arrangement is also good. There is an upstairs area with patio seating, and inside seating as well as outside seating are available. The customer can enjoy the coffee in the fresh air and scenery.


2. Cafe Ollama

Cafe Ollama

The specialty of Cafe Ollama is that the blend is made with piloncillo, cinnamon, and Mexican coffee. The cafe owner is Lesley Reyes and her relative. The shop is located in Kansas City. Cafe Ollama is among the most famous coffee shop as it is always filled with out-of-towners and local patrons. This coffee shop actually brings a little bit of Mexican and Latin culture to Kansas City.


3. Hitides


Hitides is a cool spot with its tiki-themed giving the coffee shop an artistic vibe. Whenever you visit this shop you will feel like it’s summertime. There is a variety of things one can get in this coffee shop. The specialties of Hitides are a variation of tropical bagels, flavored lemonades, classic espresso drinks, donuts, tea, hot cocoa, and drip coffees.


4. Anchor Island

Anchor Island

Anchor Island is located on Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO. The coffee shop got opened in 2019. The owner of the shop is Michael Hastings and Armando Vasquez. Anchor Island has a much different variety of teas, coffees, and other beverages. Their specialty includes unique and homemade creations of Green Espresso which is an unroasted and earthy coffee beverage, and an orange-flavored drink that includes a cherry-flavored espresso shot drizzled with dark chocolate.


5. Jinkies


Jinkies is one of the most famous coffee shops located in Overland Park. The shop is decorated with vintage records, and Scooby-Doo hanging all around. Jinkies is operated and owned by mother and daughter. They offer unique and seasonal-flavored coffee lattes. The coffee shop specialty is quite interesting with flavoring combinations such as s’mores, orange sherbet, raspberry, and popcorn.

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