Best coffee shop in Maine

1. Bard Coffee

Bard Coffee

Bard Coffee offers delicious coffee styles from around the world. You will get this coffee shop in Portland. It was opened in ¬†2009. The Bard’s mission is to tell the stories of the people, places, and coffees behind their hard work in every cup we serve as though we are fulfilling a promise. Bard Coffee can be a perfect place to enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee while admiring people.


2. Coffee Me Up

Coffee Me Up

Coffee Me Up is a quite simple yet interesting coffee shop you will get in Portland Maine. They offer a delicious European specialty. The shop has a wonderful range of sweet and savory baked goods. That is homemade and has traditional European and American favorites. The good thing about this coffee shop is that some items are on rotation or are always available. No matter when you visit they will always satisfy you.


3. Green Tree Coffee and Tea

Green Tree Coffee and Tea

Green Tree Coffee & Tea was opened in January 2002. This coffee shop is located in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. They offer excellent coffee options and great service. Their specialty includes coffee, tea brewing, and GTC goods. The Green Tree Coffee & Tea also has a coffee roasting & retail location in Lincolnville.


4. White Heron Maine

White Heron Maine

White Heron Maine is a coffee shop located in Eliot, Maine. This shop is a nice place to visit in the morning. The White Heron Maine has many varieties of hot coffee, cold coffee, and mocha. Their specialty is chia pudding, sandwiches, rolls, cookies, and salad as well. This coffee shop offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks variety.


5. Arabica Coffee House

Arabica Coffee House

Arabica Coffee House was established in 1995 in Portland, Maine. They are among the very famous coffee shops. The Arabica Coffee House is committed to providing safe, high-quality coffee, unparalleled customer service, and a welcoming environment. They also have a tea option if you you are not a coffee lover.

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