Most Unique Bus Stops Around the World

1. Japan’s Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

Japan's Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

You will get to see bus stops in all shapes and sizes. In the small Japanese town of Konagai, on the outskirts of Isahaya, in Nagasaki Prefecture, they come in five different flavors watermelon, strawberry, orange, muskmelon, and tomato. These quirky bus stops were originally built for the 1990 Travel Expo in order to attract visitors arriving from various locations.


2. A tunnel-shaped bus stop in Curitiba

A tunnel-shaped bus stop in Curitiba

When Curitiba’s bus rapid transit stations were revamped in 1991, the futuristic glass-tube stops became a new symbol for the Brazilian city. Rua Padre Anchieta, as one of the main thoroughfares in Curitiba, Brazil, is a logical focal point for the city’s bus network. Designed as futuristic tubes made from steel and glass, these bus stops allow fare payment in advance and boarding at the same level as the buses’ floor, thus reducing stop time.


3. Bus stop designed by artist Dennis Oppenheim

Bus stop designed by artist Dennis Oppenheim

The 28-foot Bus-Home is designed to impress viewers with sharp angles and grand proportions, and the artists said it also has a social message: Perk up, bus riding isn’t so bad. Dennis Oppenheim said that the bus shelter is uplifting, positive, something spirited, Conceptually it was meant as a structure that is in a frozen but animated state of transformation. He wanted to give the people the feeling that they would get home soon.


4. Dubai Bus Stop

Dubai Bus Stop

Dubai has a series of air-conditioned bus stops to help you keep cool throughout your journey. Bus stops in Dubai are also easily identifiable look out for the RTA signboards or air-conditioned bus stops. They also feature electronic signage on the bus’s front and back, which displays the bus number and route. The Dubai bus fares are also dependent on the zones. The more zones you cross, the higher your resulting bus fare.


5. Bus shelter at Yosemite Falls bus stop

Bus shelter at Yosemite Falls bus stop

Most visitors go to Yosemite National Park, America’s first, to admire the dramatic granite mountains including El Capitan and Half Dome. They also go for the many waterfalls, notable amongst which is North America’s tallest, Yosemite Falls. But the beauty of transport readers will find some other attractions, in the shape of some attractive and sensitively-designed bus shelters. This impressive bus stop made of stones is designed by landscape architect Lawrence Halprin.

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