Melanoma understand Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

What is Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that develops in the cell called melanocytes. Proper treatment can decrease or can stop it from occurring in another part. An unusual new pigmented growth on the skin.


Melanoma can occur to anyone under the age of 40, it can be seen in children, men, and mostly women. This skin disease is not that serious, it can be serious in some cases depending on the individual. Melanoma can also go with time. There is also an acral lentiginous melanoma which mostly occurs on darker skin. Melanoma appeared on the hands, under nails, and soles of feet.


Major causes of Melanoma

As Melanoma is one type of skin disease, skin cancer. The exact reason for this disease is unknown and unclear now. In some studies, they have mentioned the reason that some parts of the body do not receive much sun exposure. While some have provided that it occurs due to exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation which comes from the sun and can develop or can also increase melanoma.


Symptoms of Melanoma

Melanoma can occur on any part of the body like on the face, legs, back, and arms. There is some Melanoma which is rare that occurs inside the eyes as well. One should know that Melanoma doesn’t always start with a mole, it can happen that abnormal skin grows which is darker in color than normal skin. In some cases, a mole is developed on another mole. It is important to check the freckles occur on normal-appearing skin with edges. There is also a way to examine the mole or melanoma in the form of ABCDE which stands for.


A stands for asymmetrical shape

B stands for borders that are irregular

C stands for color changes

D stands for diameter

E stands for evolving.


Treatments and Prevention of Melanomas

If you get any symptoms of a mole or melanoma you should consult your doctor so that it will prevent spreading all over the body and get the best treatment. Usually, treatment depends on the stage of melanoma and health. The doctor’s treatment can include the removal of the growth through surgery and cutting off the grown skin. they can also give some medicine like cream or also tablets to consume.


There are some preventions to get rid of this skin cancer.

  • Apply sunscreen while going out, even on cloudy days. Make sure you reapply it.
  • Avoid sun contact, like do not go out in the middle of the day, when it’s too sunny.
  • Check or examine your own skin, so any small changes can be understood and at the very first stage, it is treated.


Does Melanoma hurt?

It actually depends on individual health and the type of Melanoma, in some cases it hurts and in some it doesn’t. There are Melanoma tenders to change. It can be a bit irritating or itchy.


Melanoma color

There can be seen many colors such as brown, and black. The area is blue, white, pink, gray, and red.

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