Best coffee shop in Washington

1. The Coffee Bar

The Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar is located at 17th and M Streets NW. They have a brew selection in the morning and a pour-over menu in the afternoon. That selection variety includes Verve Coffee Roasters and Ceremony Coffee Roasters. The Coffee Bar serves the best cappuccino that you have ever had in Washington. You just can’t miss this small coffee shop by mistake. The Coffee Bar is a bit on the small side yet has a cozy and rustic vibe. The coffee shop also has an outdoor area where sitting arrangements are good and has plenty of seating. They also serve some amazing baked goods and pastries.


2. Slipstream


The Slipstream coffee shop is located at 1333 14th St NW. It is the cutest cafe you will get in Washington. This coffee shop offers great coffee and breakfast options. The cafe sells single-origin coffees that come in carafes accompanied by informative cards. You will get the best avocado toasts and light rice bowls in this coffee shop are some of the best in the city. This cafe has an extensive breakfast menu and has something for everyone.


They also serve a selection of baked goods and even lunch options. At night the Slipstream coffee shop is converted into a restaurant with a cocktail bar.


3. The Wydown Coffee Bar

The Wydown Coffee Bar

The Wydown Coffee Bar has a modern aesthetic with abstract art adorning the walls. This coffee shop is located at 1924 S St NW. Do not get confused with The Coffee Bar cafe and The Wydown Coffee Bar cafe as both have kind of similar names. Both the coffee shop serves good coffee and treats. The Wydown Coffee Bar has a larger menu than the coffee bar. This cafe has a spacious lobby and an equally large seating area. The Wydown Coffee Bar offers complete breakfast items like egg sandwiches and assorted toasts.


4. Swing’s Coffee

Swing’s Coffee

Swing’s Coffee is another famous coffee shop that is located in the heart of Washington. The environment of the cafe is comfortable and welcoming. Swing’s Coffee has multiple locations so you can head to this cafe whichever is near you. The specialty of this coffee shop is that they roast its own coffee. The cafe has a small selection of pastries, coffee, and espresso. Swing’s Coffee Shop staff is friendly and knowledgeable.


5. Bourbon Coffee 

Bourbon Coffee 

Bourbon Coffee is one of the nice places to visit in Washington. The environment is quite comfortable of the cafe. They have seating options that are perfect for working. The coffee shop is located at 2101 L St NW. They provide free internet service as well. Bourbon Coffee offers a wide range of drinks and food. The cafe doesn’t have delivery options.

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