10 Largest Dam in the World That You Must Visit

6) Jinping-I Dam

The Jinping-I Dam also known as the Jinping-I Hydropower Station or Jinping 1st Cascade, is a tall arch dam on the Jinping Bend of the Yalong River (Yalong Jiang) in Liangshan, Sichuan, China.

Jinping-I Dam

The construction of the project started in 2005. Its power station has a 3,600 MW capacity to produce between 16 and 18 TW·h (billion kW·h) annually. Supplying the power station is a reservoir created by the 305-meter-tall arch dam, which is the tallest in the world. The main reason for these projects was to supply energy for expanding industrialization and urbanization, improve flood protection, and prevent erosion. The final generator for Jinping-II downstream was commissioned in November 2014. The Jinping-I Dam is on the border of the Yanyuan and Muli counties in the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of the Sichuan province. To control flooding, the dam is equipped with a controlled spillway on its crest with four gates and the capability to discharge up to 2,993 m3/s (105,700 cu ft/s).


Jinping-I Dam Statistics

  • Height: 305 m (1,001 ft).
  • Length: 568.6 m (1,865 ft).
  • Spillway type: Crest, bottom outlets, flood tunnel.
  • Spillway capacity: Crest: 2,993 m3/s (105,700 cu ft/s), Bottom outlets: 5,465 m3/s (193,000 cu ft/s), and Tunnel: 3,651 m3/s (128,900 cu ft/s).
  • Reservoir Total capacity: 7,760,000,000 m3 (6,290,000 acre⋅ft).
  • Catchment area: 102,560 km2 (39,600 sq mi).
  • Surface area: 82.55 km2 (31.87 sq mi).
  • Turbines: 6 × 600 MW Francis-type.
  • Installed capacity: 3,600 MW.


How to reach

  • You can visit the Jinping-I Dam by going to the Sichuan Province.


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