10 Largest Dam in the World That You Must Visit

4) Atatürk Dam

The Atatürk Dam is the third largest dam in the world and it is a zoned rock-fill dam with a central core on the Euphrates River on the border of Adıyaman Province and Şanlıurfa Province in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey.

Atatürk Dam

It was renamed in honor of “Mustafa Kemal Atatürk” the founder of the Turkish Republic. The construction began in 1983 and was completed in 1990. The Atatürk Reservoir, extending over an area of 817 km2 (315 sq mi) with a water volume of 48.7 km3 (63,400 million cu yd), ranks third in size in Turkey after Lake Van and Lake Tuz. The dam embankment is 169 m high (554 ft) and 1,820 m long (5,970 ft). The hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) has a total installed power capacity of 2,400 MW and generates 8,900 GW·h electricity annually. The best time to visit the dam is from September to October, as this is when the famous Water Sports Festival and the International Ataturk Dam Sailing Competition take place.


Atatürk Dam Statistics

  • Dam height: 169 m (554 ft).
  • Dam length: 1,819 m (5,968 ft).
  • Reservoir Total capacity: 48,700,000,000 m3.
  • Surface area: 817 km2 (315 sq mi).
  • Turbines 8 x 300 MW Francis-type.
  • Installed capacity of 2,400 MW.


How to reach

  • You can visit Ataturk Lake by traveling to Turkey. The dam is situated 23 km (14 mi) northwest of Bozova, Şanlıurfa Province, on state road D-875 from Bozova to Adıyaman.


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