10 Largest Dam in the World That You Must Visit

2) Tarbela Dam

Tarbela Dam is an earth-filled dam along the Indus River in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is the largest earth-filled dam in the world.

Tarbela Dam

The dam is 143 meters (470 ft) high above the riverbed and its reservoir, Tarbela Lake, has a surface area of approximately 250 square kilometers (97 sq mi). It was completed in 1976 and was designed to utilize water from the Indus River for irrigation, flood control, and the generation of hydroelectric power. The dam is at a narrow spot in the Indus River valley it was named after the town of Tarbela in the Haripur District of Hazara Division, Pakistan. Five large tunnels were constructed as part of the outlet works. Hydroelectricity is generated from turbines in tunnels 1 through 3, while tunnels 4 and 5 were designed for irrigation use. The installed capacity of the 4,888 MW Tarbela hydroelectric power stations will increase to 6,298 MW after the completion of the planned fifth extension.


The Tarbela Dam Statistics

  • Tarbela Reservoir is 80.5 kilometers (50.0 mi) long, with a surface area of 250 square kilometers (97 sq mi).
  • The reservoir initially stored 11,600,000 acre-feet (14.3 km3) of water, with live storage of 9,700,000 acre-feet (12.0 km3).
  • The maximum elevation of the reservoir is 1,550 ft (470 m) above MSL and the minimum operating elevation is 1,392 ft (424 m) above MSL
  • The catchment area upriver of the Tarbela Dam is spread over 168,000 square kilometers (65,000 sq mi) of land largely supplemented by snow and glacier melt from the southern slopes of the Himalayas.


How to reach

  • The Tarbela Dam is built on the Indus at Bara near the village of Tarbela. It is about 30km from the town of Attock.


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